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Are you searching for information on Orion Telescopes? Or you are looking to buy one after your first glance through a Dobsonian telescope your neighbor or friend invited you to observe the latest lunar eclipse, or a night of stargazing party. You are so amazed with what you saw, you just want to get one for yourself. Well, the term Dobsonian may not ring a bell yet, but soon you will find out the various types of telescopes, and the entire Orion telescopes family here. OK, may be not all, but at least the best selling ones.

Orion Telescopes - SkyQuest XT8Perhaps it could be an Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian telescope that your friend owns. The fat metal tube that sit on the ground sturdily on a wooden base, with a much smaller tube attached to it near the top where you peep through to look at the moon, looks pretty darn heavy. But surprisingly smooth you are able to point the big fat tube in any direction at will, trying to look for the most beautiful sky object to savor. The next Wow! comes when you learned that the expensive looking Dobsonian telescope is only one of the many Orion telescopes for beginners and experienced stargazers which cost a lot lesser than your Apple iPad. Well, credit goes to the man, John L. Dobson who give us the low cost Dobsonian telescope that now even ordinary folks can easily set up a space observatory in their own backyard and admire the meteorological and astronomical beauty, which used to be accessible only by NASA scientists and professional astronomers.

A Long Lasting Astronomy Interest With Orion Telescopes

When you are just starting out, choosing the right telescope from the many types of telescopes available out there that meets both your needs and budget can be a little daunting. It will be much easier to start with an Orion telescope, specifically for beginners, which we have put up detail reviews on the various models of Orion telescopes to guide you through the selection process, based on your budget.

Celestron telescopes - Experts rangeAs you gather more experience and knowledge, you will naturally be demanding for a better Orion telescope and become picky about the type and model you want for a specific purpose in your pursuit of greater clarity and functions. You will find all types of telescopes for your needs and budget here, from the popular beginners’ first telescope such as the FunScope 76mm Tabletop Reflector Telescope to the experts’ Celestron EdgeHD 1100 CGEM Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, you will be spoiled for choices at Orion Telescopes.

The Difference Between Those Telescopes from the Departmental Store & Orion Telescopes

Don’t go for a departmental store model out of impulse. You will soon discover the limitation in support and accessory range and inventory. Moreover, its misleading claim of magnification power can only lead to disappointment. For almost the same price level, you can get better product quality and technical support from Orion telescopes, which are widely used by most expert stargazers. And because of its popularity, it is easy to find a forum or blog that offer tips, tricks and information about Orion telescopes that will help hone your skill in stargazing. In addition, with the professional and friendly service support from Orion Telescopes, you are always in good hands that really let you focus on the sky and admire the heavens at breathtaking view. Pick a good beginners’ model from Orion telescopes and take your first step in the right direction to a fulfilling hobby in astronomy.

Have fun!

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